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24-Hour Hotline: (630) 627-2595

Report absences before 10:30 a.m. on or before the day of the absence.
State the student's name, ID number, relation to the student, and reason for absence.

Failure to call by 10:30 a.m. will result in an unauthorized absence.

Compulsory Attendance

All eligible students residing in District 87 are entitled to education in the District’s schools. All students enrolled are required to be under school jurisdiction during the hours school is in session.  No student shall be denied access to a free and full public education, on account of race, religion, sex, or national origin.

Glenbard East's educational program is built on the premise that regular attendance is vital to a student's success in school.  To make certain that a student maintains regular attendance requires a cooperative effort by the student, parent/guardian and school personnel. All aspects of the school day are important and are considered part of the educational program Failure to attend school means lost opportunity to learn. The  expectation falls upon parents to support the mission of the school.  The Illinois Compulsory School Attendance Law (Article 26 of the Illinois School Code) holds parents responsible for the enrollment and regular school attendance of children enrolled.

Glenbard East expects parent/guardian to make responsible efforts to ensure the regular attendance of their students and to inform the school of any absence and the reason for the absence.  Section 26-2a of the Illinois School Code, considers VALID CAUSE for a student’s absence to be:

1. Illness
2. Observance of a religious holiday
3. Death in the Immediate Family
4. Family emergency
5. Circumstances which cause reasonable concern to the parent/guardian for the safety or health of the student.

When absences become excessive due to illness Glenbard East will require parents/guardians to present medical documentation of physical and emotional conditions causing a student’s absence.  Court appearance will necessitate authorized documentation.  Glenbard East considers a truant student to be one who is absent without valid cause for a school day or portion thereof.

Glenbard East considers a student to be a chronic truant who is absent without valid cause for 10% or more of the previous 180 regular attendance days, per Section 26-2a of the Illinois School Code.

A recording device has been installed to accommodate parents who leave for work before the 7:00 a.m. opening time of the attendance office.  The recording device is in operation between 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. every school day and on weekends.  If a student must remain home because of illness or a family emergency, the parents/legal guardian must call the attendance office 627-2595.  If there is an extenuating reason why there was no phone call from a parent, a letter explaining the circumstances must be brought to the office of the Assistant Principal for Student Services, within 48 hours.  Multiple day absences must be called in daily unless other arrangements are made with the attendance clerk.

The attendance office may also be reached at 424-7161, or 424-6784 during the school day.

All day absence calls should include the student’s name, ID number and the reason for the absence.  Partial day absences should include the student’s name, ID number, reason for the absence, time that the student will arrive at school or the time that the student has to leave the school.

Students who are called in late must report to the attendance office before going to class.

Participation in School Activities on the Day of an Absence
In order to participate in any school activity, practice, rehearsal, or performance, etc. outside of regular school hours, a student must be in attendance on the day of the activity.  If the absence is due to unusual circumstances, he/she may request to participate by making arrangements with the Assistant Principal for Student Services.


Students are to be in the classroom prior to the beginning of the period or they are considered tardy.  Continued tardies will be considered a serious disciplinary issue and may result in a drop from class.  Students who arrive at school late shall report directly to the Attendance office.  Tardiness is unacceptable behavior and will be treated as such.  Detentions and/or in-school suspensions will be assigned for tardiness and a parent  conference may be requested.  All tardies to school will be unauthorized with the exception of those involving serious problems. Oversleeping, family errands, babysitting, missing the bus and car trouble are not considered acceptable as AUTHORIZED reasons for being tardy.  These tardies are still UNAUTHORIZED even if the parents call to verify tardiness.  Students are not to be in the halls without a pass during class periods.

Leaving Class Without Permission: Students who leave class without a pass or permission from the teacher will be considered UNAUTHORIZED from that class.  A grade of “zero” will be recorded for that day and class work or tests will not be made up for credit.

Leaving School

Leaving school during the school day is permitted only with the permission of the Assistant Principal, Nurse, Dean, or Attendance.  All students should leave from Door #1 or Door #20.

Under no circumstances should a student leave the building without permission of the Assistant Principal, Nurse, Dean or Attendance.  Such a violation of regulations constitutes truancy and will result in a school disciplinary sanction.

Pre-Arranged Absences

Students who anticipate a necessary absence from school for an entire day or more for college visits or family obligation should obtain a prearranged absence form.  Prearranged absence forms are available in Attendance.

Partial Day Absences

Medical/Dental appointments should be scheduled outside school hours.  When this is not possible, parents must call the school before 10:30 a.m. on the day of the appointment and inform attendance of the time the student is to leave school for the appointment and  estimated time of return.  The student is expected to be in attendance both before and after school hour appointments.  The student must then obtain a permission-to-leave slip from the attendance office before 7:40 a.m.  Upon return, the student must check back in through the attendance office.  This same procedure must be followed for any partial day absence.  Medical and court appointments must be properly verified before a student returns to class.

Multiple & Prolonged Absences

Parents should call attendance each day of a multiple day absence.  For prolonged absences, due to illness, or emergencies, special arrangements may be made with the attendance office not to call in each day.  If a student is able to do homework, arrangements should also be made through the attendance office to obtain assignments following the 3rd day of absence.  The attendance office will request assignments from teachers for the absent student at this time.  Material is to be picked up at the attendance  office.  The State Legislature places the responsibility for attendance calls on parents or guardians.

Make-Up Work

Students are responsible for make-up work following an absence.  It is the student’s responsibility (1) to contact the teacher about make up assignments and (2) to return the make up assignments to the teacher at the designated time.  In general, make up should be completed within the same number of days the student was absent.  The teacher may grant an extension.

Excessive Absences

Any student who is absent for more than twelve (12) days excused or unexcused in one semester will be considered as having excessive absences.  Absences that result from participation in school-approved activities will not be counted in determining excessive absences.  Excused, unexcused, and school-approved activities are defined below.

Excused Absences
- Illness and/or doctor’s appointments, however, once a student has been absent, for twelve days (excused/unexcused), a doctor’s note (licensed M.D. or nurse practioner) will be required before an illness-related absence will be excused.  The doctor’s note must be the original, legible copy on physician’s  stationary signed by the doctor or nurse, and presented to the Attendance Office upon the student’s return to school. The note must state the date(s) that the student was “unable to attend school” and the date that the doctor saw the student.

- Family emergency
- Pre-arranged absences
- Nurse appointments for an entire period
- Hospitalization
- Court dates
- Suspensions  

Students will be granted an opportunity to make- up credit missed during excused absences.

School-Approved Activities
- Field trips
- College visits
- Observance of a religious holiday
- Guidance appointments
- Administrative reasons
- Students will be granted an opportunity to make-up credit missed during school-approved activities.

Unexcused Absences

Any absence resulting from a reason other than those defined as excused or school-approved may be considered unexcused.  Students are not allowed full make-up privileges for work missed as a result of unexcused absences.

Excessive absences from school limit the ability of a student to achieve.  For this reason, attending school on a regular basis is a requirement for all students.  The entire staff at Glenbard East has a responsibility to hold students accountable in this area.  For this reason, we maintain the following intervention strategies related to attendance:

- Our student data management system, Powerschool will provide daily attendance information for teachers, parents and administrators to view electronically.

- Attendance staff will screen truancies daily and call home for any student who is three or more periods truant within any given day.

- Whenever a student is truant from a class, the deans’ office will contact the student the following day to confirm the truancy.  Truancies will be documented in Powerschool and a letter to the student’s parent will be generated on the next school day.

- For each truancy (unexcused absence) there will be a contact with the student, an attempt to call the student’s parent, a letter sent to the parent and a consequence or intervention with the student.

- After five truancies and five interventions for an individual course, a student may be denied credit for the course.  Those who are denied credit will be referred to their guidance counselor to explore credit options.

- Excessive excused absences will interfere with student achievement.  A student who has excessive absences may be required to provide medical documentation in order to excuse absences.  During any given semester, when a student reaches over nine absences from a class there will be an attendance conference with his/her dean and parent contact will be made.  Should the student reach over twelve absences an additional conference will be held with the dean along with parent contact.  After fifteen absences, a student may loose credit for the individual class.  Those who are denied credit will be referred to their guidance counselor to explore credit options.

- Any student who has chronic attendance issues will be referred to the truancy agency, Project Visa.

The Deans Office will track students with unexcused absences and disciplinary sanctions will be issued accordingly.